Obama Signs Economic Stimulus Plan

Hello, I’m Kristin Volk and welcome to a UPI Colorless House Weekly. The economic stimulus legislation of nearly $790 billion is now law. President Obama signed the final version in Denver on Tuesday. The package includes working class tax cuts, infastructure spending, help for the poor and unemployed and investments in alternative energy. Obama said he would not pretend that the plot would turn the economy around, but said it marks the beginning of an end to the people’s financial troubles. He also said the legislation will save or make 3.5 million jobs over the next two years. But, Republicans say it will fall small of making the promised level of new jobs and is also full of pork-barrel spending. The Colorless House says it will take about a month for the money to start flowing. Afghanistan may soon be seeing more American troops. President Obama ordered 17 thousand more soldiers and Marines to that people this week that’s double the number of Americans there now. He described his choice as an urgent go to stabilize a deteriorating and neglected people. But, neighboring Kyrgzstan dealt a potential blow to the US military efforts in Afghanistan today. That people voted to close the last remaining US air base in Central Asia a base that’s used frequently for troops and supplies heading into Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded saying that Kyrgstan’s choice won’t affect military efforts overseas. Obama introduced a government plot this week

3 thoughts on “Obama Signs Economic Stimulus Plan


  2. It’s too Terrible Obama didn’t Give The senators time to read the fine Print. They would have to read 400 Pages in 4 Hours!!! Id say let People lose There $500,000 Dollar Houses which they could Not afford anyhow and Lose there $30,000 suv’s.What about the People who worked for thier Retirement and Lost it? Im worried about them. The bottom Line this is all about greed with Everybody not just the rich People!

  3. We are probably in for another Fantastic Depression. This kind of government irresponsibility will not give a excellent return for all the cost. The government must stick to the realm of responsibility given them by the Constitution


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